Apply to be a 2024 Vancouver Island Race Series Ambassador


The Vancouver Island Race Series board of directors and organizing committee would like to select two to three ambassadors for the Southern Vancouver Island area and two to three more for the rest of the island.

Deadline to apply: Sunday, November 12, 2023

Who we are looking for: 

Lucy Smith, 2023 Vancouver Island Race Series ambassador. She is a coach, race director and former elite athlete. Lucy provided race day tips in advance of each race for the 2023 series.

You could be fun, but fun is not the only factor. Age is just a number. We don’t care how young or old you may be according to the calendar. It’s how alive you are in the heart that matters. Doesn’t matter which race, religion, creed, colour, origin, and or any other so-called “identifier,” you may be. You may be a humble participant or a fast and furious racer. All are welcome to apply.

We need you to: 

You will provide at least one written entry per race during the series in a timely fashion for all eight races of the 2024 season. We will also ask you to provide promotional social media videos, or photos or posts leading up to the holiday season and the start of the series.

You may provide training tips, race tactics advice, a first-person account of racing or of your goals, or the goals of who you are coaching. This written account could be substituted or complemented with photo or video content. Sharing, the content that resides at the Island Series website is highly encouraged by using social media and email.

You can be an introvert. You don’t have to be gregarious and outgoing, just write or video shoot to make your connections. Extroverts are welcome, but play it cool — hey, it’s the island after all.  It’s important to be an ambassador of friendly competition, health, fitness and the great social experiment that exists in our running and walking community.

We encourage all communication, whether verbal, written, photojournalism or video to be focussed — in your voice — on the running and walking community, or sport and fitness and perhaps deeper meaning. Be funny, if that works for you. Kind, empathetic, courteous, competitive; it’s all good.

Apply at, perhaps send a sample of something that would be “your thing.”

What you will receive:

A season pass to the Vancouver Island Race Series valued at $ 175 early or $ 210 late fee and any of the cool benefits that come with being an ambassador (that we are still working on right now). We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are not selected, you will receive a small discount for applying. Apply only once, please don’t check in, we will let you know by the end of November.