Sean Mitchell

Running beer nerd

An island native as a young child, Sean grew up and attended university in the Lower Mainland before career prospects brought him back home several years ago.

He was looking for another athletic activity to take up upon moving back in 2015, and his sainted wife suggested a run clinic – boy did she not know what she was getting herself into. One thing led to another. Sean joined the Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club, began pacing and leading local races and run clinics, and co-directing Clover Point Parkrun.

This former basketball guy morphed into a QA-guy. Quality analyst.

But, this running beer nerd (see what we did there) is thrilled to be bringing you his unique perspective on the Vancouver Island Race Series, beverages, carpools, and racing in his age group.

Well, he’s an almost 50-year-old (gosh forbid) maybe it’s not that unique. Ah, well, we digress.

You can catch Sean primarily on Instagram (@runningbeernerd) and occasionally on Facebook, but he will not admit to an X account — although apparently, they launched “Grok” which is AI based on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Ah, on Strava too, because if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen.

And his sainted wife makes amazing pumpkin pie and the two are raising two boys, who are shooting up like tropical bamboo as we speak.