Sander Nederveen

Is the life of the running party on race day

“I’m Sander Nederveen, 27 years old, and a Victoria-based runner, s

I’m active on socials — mainly Instagram (@syntaxsander) and love following and posting running and racing-related content, it’s the best thing out there (aside from maybe some dog content).  

While the socials are fun, my favourite part about the race series and the Island running community is seeing runners from all over the island in-person.”

Sander runs with Fernwood Social Run Club and sometimes with Capital City Run Crew. He also works at Frontrunners Footwear – a premiere sponsor of the series.

“I have helped many Island runners find their new favourite running shoe. In fact, when I was toeing the start line at the Royal Victoria Marathon, I managed to chat with a couple of runners to whom I sold shoes, quickly checking in with them, and their shoes and encouraging them for the race. 

The island running community is just awesome, and I have gotten to know so many runners through the race series. Simply by chatting with some folks at the start line or by discussing the race afterwards during the awards. 

While I like to be competitive once I’m racing, the best thing about the series is that it’s such a low-threshold place for first-timers to give racing a try. The encouraging buzz at the race then turns those first-timers into race series veterans. 

I like to play my part in making the races a welcoming, friendly, and fun place for everyone. And please don’t take it from me, others have noticed too:

(i) My partner describes me at races as “a puppy at the dog park wanting to play with every dog.” In other words: enthusiastically engaging with every runner whose face I remotely recognize, regardless of their age group or their speed. 

(ii) After the McLean Mill 10km, my good friend and training buddy Ronan Mulhern described me as “a mom after church who keeps chatting with everyone she sees, while her kids want to leave.” — While I don’t think that was meant as a compliment, it illustrates how much I love being at the races.”

Sander loves to write pre- or post-race reports about any aspect of a race. For example, is the course good for PBs? Which race has the best post-race snacks? How should folks strategize for the Comox Valley RV Half Marathon?  

“I love being an ambassador for the 2024 Island Race Series and look forward to doing my very best to make my enthusiasm about the race series as contagious as possible.”